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Meca-Système Innovative Packaging Machinery


Research & Development


With specific requirements between the output of production lines and palletizing, Méca-Système is able to find the solution.

Our manufacturing is next to our R&D department which allows us to perform calculations, plans, and test different mechanisms to achieve the desired manufacturing result for each and every machine and its exclusive SNP hot melt glue system. (Other brands available as an option).

Good manufacturing - cGMP


98% of specific parts are produced in our workshops

One of our advantages is that all specific parts are produced by Méca-Système.
These machines are mostly mechanical which means we have simple adjustments, reduced wear, better control of glue bead lines, and minimal maintenance. All the while using reliable, branded components, and technology to complete fabrication

Quality components

All machines


Every machine is tested and adjusted prior to leaving the factory
A dedicated team assists you in start up at your site.

3 to 15 minutes
That’s all it takes to changeover from one carton size to another with a Méca-Système Tray Erector. The most we could be is 15 minutes due to the complexity of the finished product.


We are 85 dedicated people !

On the surface, Méca-Système looks like a very large company. But really it is our people who make all the difference.

No matter where we are whether from home or travelling, our commitment to you is made up of listening and caring for where our client is coming from. Above all, we value our relationship that we have with you.

Our employees average is 35. Most of our employees have been promoted from within thus providing us a solid foundation of experience and dedication. Passing on this knowledge from one generation to the next is one of our many assets.

Romain Peauger
workshop manager

José Machado
R&D manager